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infin80 creative offers top-quality graphic design services for signage and posters, outdoor advertising and branding marketing materials. We obsess over delivering innovative solutions to each client for each and every project. Our graphics team will create marketing solutions that enhance the marketing efforts of your already existing brand or we can develop one for you.

Proven advertising design & unique signage design:

Dynamic, intriguing graphics can turn any environment into a comprehensive marketing tool. Retail or office walls become selling tools that never tire, outdoor billboard graphics enhance your brand or message, exterior building banners market available lease space and innovative collateral materials detail a development’s interior specifications. Stunning work can make your business the one customers think of first.

Outdoor advertising and large color signage are important aspects of marketing that should not be overlooked or ignored. Shotty work can be a huge detriment and can work against you. Do not use marketing materials that do not target to your customers or, even worse, do not relate to your current branding strategy. Let us freshen up your look with new graphic signage or displays.

Our expert staff is trained to help you achieve the design and marketing results required for the scope of your project-working within your budget. Discover how we can help build your image. ∞

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Signage & Poster Designs

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Inhouse Advertising Design
Who it’s for:The Sands Casino & Hotel
Why we did it:These duratrans promote in-house events and are printed on photo-quality material that is backlit to display graphics. Duratrans produce exceptional light box images that you see throughout any casino. Keeping the branding elements consistent, these designs blended seamlessly throughout the facility.
Poster Design
What it is:

Large Poster Design

Who it’s for:Comcast Corporation
Why we did it:This poster design was created for Comcast for their FIND Foundation Awards in 2004. The FIND logo was also created by us for this project.
Other items:Logo Design
Advertising Poster Design
What it is:

In-house Poster Designs

Who it’s for:Resorts East Chicago
Why we did it:Logo was created first for this promotional tournament. The poster design was created in various sizes and materials to promote the Celebrity Poker tournament held at Resorts Casino.
Las Vegas Casino Poster Design
What it is:

Casino Signage Design

Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:Signage and poster designs for Las Vegas casino. The Ladies Night promotion needed to be targeted for young men and women. We created these designs to be trendy, exciting, eye-catching and colorful to attract the widest range possible of their hotel casino guests.
Other items:Direct Mail Design
Outdoor signage poster designs
What it is:

Outdoor Signage Design

Who it’s for:Mile High Gentlemen’s Club
Why we did it:This is a mockup of the poster design placed in an urban environment with aged effects added to enhance the realism of the scene. Photoshop can be used to clean up images as well as “dirty” them up!
Heart Healthcare Poster
What it is:

Doctor's Office Checkup Poster

Who it’s for:The Dialogue Company
Why we did it:We designed this poster for our client to help healthcare clinics remind their patients to have their blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly. The design needed to be soft, easily legible and most of all engaging. This poster was distributed across the country to promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle.
Poster Design
What it is:

Branded In-House Signage Design

Who it’s for:Ute Mountain Casino
Why we did it:Keeping different promotions within the confines of a branded image is important and sometimes difficult, but always worth it. These promotional events were created for advertising within the casino (in-house).
Other items:Logo Design
Las Vegas Print Graphics
What it is:

Large Color Printing Graphics

Who it’s for:Lingerie Football League
Why we did it:The LFL commissioned us to create and design large graphics of their top players to decorate the home office in Las Vegas. We designed a roughened, grungy look and digitally added effects to have the girls' images pop off (or thru) the poster.
Poster Prints
What it is:

Digital Photo Mosaic Printing

Who it’s for:Professional Photo Collages | ProCollage
Why we did it:We create photo collages and photo mosaics for clients worldwide. The large color prints are made from their own family photos. See our web site at ProCollage.

Outdoor Advertising/Billboards

Click images for enlarged, detailed view
Outdoor Signage Designer in Las Vegas
Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:The Monster Circus was a live and wild rock show, so the advertising needed to be unconventional and just as wild! The designs' roughed up look was all created digitally including the fades, folds and even the rips and tear. The poster was then made to appear like a taped print on a stone graffiti-inspired wall.
Las Vegas Entertainment Design
What it is:

Las Vegas Entertainment Advertising

Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:Andrew 'Dice' Clay billboard with matching Las Vegas Magazine print ad. Creative features his polished image of smoke and bling.
Billboard Designs in Las Vegas
What it is:

Billboard Designs

Who it’s for:7th Street Casino
Why we did it:These billboards were created as concepts for 7th Street Casino's new branding campaign. With this hip, colorful and contemporary look, the property would increase their market share for the younger demographic. The neon green formed a hidden 7 and the green brick simulates the exterior of the property.
Outdoor Billboard Advertising
Who it’s for:Sands Casino & Hotel
Why we did it:The Sands brand was unmistakable and we kept it fresh with bold purple tones all while remaining connected to it's roots of the Rat Pack vibe. These billboards showcase how we kept the property branded regardless of the promotion.
Billboard Designs
Who it’s for:Wildhorse Resort & Casino
Why we did it:This simple, clean, fresh design came after rounds of flashy, complex layouts. The client wisely decided on these 'quick-read' designs and they were very pleased with the results. The sticker theme and colorful imagery carried throughout their outdoor advertising campaigns.
Other items:Magazine Ad Design

Storefront | Vinyl Graphics

Click images for enlarged, detailed view
Vinyl Storefront Graphics
Who it’s for:Sensations Skin & Day Spa
Why we did it:This Las Vegas spa needed a captivating and eye-catching design to stand out from the neighboring businesses. Keeping within the spa's branded image, we designed this storefront using only cut vinyl for it's ability to withstand the dramatic weather in the desert.

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