Magazine Ad Design

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Entertainment Ad Design for Sin City Bad Girls
Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:This high energy and sexy rock show needed advertising that showcased the talent's edgy performances. You'll see advertising for Sin City Bad Girls across Las Vegas. The design is clean, hip and translates perfectly to any size because the elements work separately and together.
Las Vegas Event Ads
Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:Terry Fator's show of impressions, comedy, ventriloquism and singing at the Las Vegas Hilton was a huge success. The ads we design are bright, eye-catching and engaging. They also needed to get the proper message across, so we managed to fit in his characters and his many talents.
Other items:Billboard Design
Magazine Half Page Ad
What it is:

Magazine Ad (half page)

Who it’s for:Wildhorse Resort & Casino
Why we did it:Who says you need a whole page with crazy amounts of copy? Get your message and your point across with clean ads and minimal text for maximum readership and response. This promotional event ad drew a large attendance.
Other items:Signage & Posters
Maxim Magazine Ad Design
Who it’s for:National Paintball Supply
Why we did it:This groundbreaking full-page ad was created in 2001, the 1st paintball ad ever in Maxim Magazine (Dec 2001 issue). We directed the photoshoot of the model and designed the ad and did hours of retouching and tweaking of this budget-blowing advertisment. Reportedly paying $100K for the ad placement alone, we aimed for perfection and nailed it.
Inhouse Advertising
Who it’s for:Goldstrike Hotel & Gambling Hall
Why we did it:We designed the logos first, then the ads along with posters and billboards for each event. Giving these promotional giveaways a unique and fun look has a great impact on turnout, obviously. We try to vary the graphics and have fun with all the elements as much as possible from event to event, but, always remembering to maintain the brand identity.
Las Vegas Event Ads
Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:If you're advertising in Las Vegas, you know you need to stand out from your competition. The ads need to sell your service or product with quality graphics and a direct message. These ads for Brooks & Dunn and Monster Circus are edgy and appeal to their targeted audiences. Coincidentally, they both have that 'roughed up' look. Making it realistic is key to having the ad be a success.
Las Vegas NYE Ad
Who it’s for:Get Out! Las Vegas
Why we did it:We designed this ad for a singles group in Las Vegas to promote their New Year's Eve event. Featuring that intimate kiss and all the details you would need to attend. This event sold out quickly and made the client extremely pleased. That makes us happy too!
Inhouse Poster Advertising
Who it’s for:Spotlight29 Casino
Why we did it:Plinko was a popular feature on The Price is Right and Spotlight29 created a promotional event around the concept. We created the logo, then the poster design. Highlighting the prizes and necessary info, we made this signage stand out with vibrant and colorful graphics and, of course, money...lots of money to win!
Other items:Logo Design

In-house Advertising

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In-house Poster Design
Who it’s for:Resorts Casino & Hotel
Why we did it:Design and layout for the leader in motorcycle helmets, Arai. This cutting-edge design featured a flood matte cover and textured pages throughout. Although it may look tame nowadays, this was created in 2003, and was quickly reprinted as the demand for it was underestimated.
Inhouse Advertising
Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:Football Central is a season long event held at the Las Vegas Hilton. These in-house ads gave their patrons a complete understanding about the promotion. We designed the logo to be recognizable from a distance. The left ad was for the 2008-2009 season and the one on the right was for 2009-2010.

Catalog Design & Layout

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Catalog Design
Who it’s for:Arai Helmets
Why we did it:Design and layout for the leader in motorcycle helmets, Arai. This cutting-edge design featured a flood matte cover and textured pages throughout. Although it may look tame nowadays, this was created in 2003, and was quickly reprinted as the demand for it was underestimated.
Clothing Catalog Layout
Who it’s for:Smith Bros.
Why we did it:We designed this catalog for a high-end fashion and clothing company in NJ back in 2002. Along with directing the photoshoot and working directly with the owners and photographer, this 24 page clothing catalog featured a large selection of jeans, shirts and shoes. Juicy Couture, Steve Madden and Diesel were just some of the items.

Successful advertising campaigns begin with well designed print ads

Looking for quick, affordable and creative publication ad design? Fast turnarounds and quality design is what separates infin80 creative Las Vegas from the rest of the pack. Our superior design methods are supported with exceptional personal customer service.

We design publication marketing materials such as:

Print’s been around a long time. Full-page ads. Small space ads. Magazine ads. Newspaper ads. Ads in local newsletters. Print ads are everywhere and we’re overwhelmingly inundated with their messages. Buy, sell, buy now..."but wait there’s more!" Ugh.

In order to stand out from the herd, we develop high-quality magazine and newspaper print design concepts. We thrive on delivering innovative design solutions for each clients’ unique requirements. Or if you have an existing brand following, our graphics team can create marketing ideas and solutions to enhance the efforts and push the creative to increase growth potential.

We provide a range of graphic design services from logo design to ads to web site development. Our custom creative services are done at a rate that is extremely affordable over large advertising agencies. We specialize in brand positioning, print and publication design. We live for this stuff. Meeting with our clients to understand their core objectives, their customers, competition and objective is our passion. Because we live and breathe design, we communicate your brand’s message clearly and naturally gravitate to your target market. ∞

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