Successful internet marketing campaigns begin With site analytics

infin80 creative will analyze your web site traffic to identify where the traffic is coming from, what visitors are doing once they arrive at your web site and specific goal-oriented conversion rates. Web traffic analysis is one of the best ways to understand the traffic your web site is receiving. By learning more about how people find your site, what they do when they get there and which pages lead to the highest conversions, we can provide you with the most successful internet marketing services.

But, exactly what kind of information are we talking about? There is so much useful information that can be obtained with our website traffic analyzation reports. This includes:

  • Where are your visitors coming from (i.e. search engines, email marketing, PPC referrers, direct input, etc.)
  • Which web pages visitors frequent most often
  • How many unique visitors the site receives
  • The web pages that lead to the most conversions
  • How long your visitors stay on each page
  • How many pages your visitors view while on your site
  • What browser and what screen resolution they use
  • What location your visitors come from (i.e. city, state, country)
  • What keywords they used to find your site
  • LIVE ACTIVITY VIEWING (SPY) - See how many visitors are surfing your site, how they found you and what page they are on

Why is this important? Gaining insight about your web site traffic, and most importantly, your visitors is absolutely vital to building a better online viewing experience for your customers. By determining how visitors reach your web site and interact with it, infin80 can better fit your internet marketing plan to make it as effective as possible. ∞

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Web Site Traffic Analytics

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What it is:

Real Time Site Traffic Analysis Reports

Who it’s for:Professional Photo Collages
Why we did it:Find out exactly how visitors landed on your real time! To build a successful marketing program, study your site analytic reports. Keyword phrases, time spent on pages, bounce rates, browsers, location...all info you'll learn with our website analysis reporting.
Who it’s for:Execu-Link Corp
Why we did it:Just because you built a website, it does not mean people will see it! We recently completed this Las Vegas small business web site and only a month later, they are beginning to see the results. From no visitors to 40+ per day is nice, but it's just the beginning...
Who it’s for:Sensations Skin & Day Spa Las Vegas
Why we did it:Sites utilizing AdWords or other PPC advertising, benefit greatly by learning how long visitors remain on your site/page. Did they 'bounce' immediately, thus costing you $$$ for nothing? Time per visit is just one reason site analytics is so very important.

Conversion Tracking

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Who it’s for:Team Tile & Stone
Why we did it:To find out which keywords are working to increase web traffic and internet sales, we utilize the latest goal-oriented conversion tracking techniques.
Web Site Conversions
What is conversion optimization? Conversion optimization is the process of maximizing the percentage of web site visitors who complete a desired action (conversion rate). Simply put, if filling out your contact form is your goal, then we set up that action as your "conversion" and closely track that action. Using web site analytics to track and break down your traffic is one of the most effective ways to measure progress and improve your conversions, which generates more revenue.
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