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Need a creative corporate identity for your new business? Maybe your old logo needs a refresh, but not so much as to lose the existing brand. We take great care to provide logo options that work for EVERY application, not just look 'cool' on a flyer. More often than not, the logo needs to be identifiable at smaller sizes and that is often overlooked by other designers in their rush to simply take your money and run.

Our creative logo design services include:

Our professional logo design team has proactively tackled custom logo and identity design projects ranging from the small, self startup company to international Fortune 500 corporate clients. Always keeping your objective in mind - clarity and distinction. Professional logos can be applied to corporate stationery, outdoor banners/billboards, web site development projects, publication advertising to apparel and signage.

Whether you have a new, start-up business in Las Vegas or are looking to freshen up a business' image in New York, we'll design what you need to succeed. Your new logo will increase consumer recognition of your brand, and ultimately, encourage consumer confidence and loyalty.

Our goal is to help the small business get off the ground without emptying your initial limited budget. We know how difficult it is to start a business and cringe when we see a shoddy logo. An amateur brand identity will NOT build customer loyalty or trust. Corporate IDs appear on all marketing materials and can make or break a small business.

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Please contact us. Our prices are extremely reasonable, often less than $500! It's a vital investment, imperative for a successful future and just too important to overlook. ∞


We hope you do. If so, allow us do the same for your business! We can start with a chat or fill out an order form.

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Corporate Logo Designs

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Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:Poker is big business in Las Vegas and the poker rooms here are main attractions for many patrons. Knowing this, the logo ID needs to be fresh and exciting. This logo features all the card suits and a poker chip with the Hilton logo.
Who it’s for:Palm Cove
Why we did it:Corporate identity design for Palm Cove. A community living complex in Florida housing middle income condos and apartments on the beach. Their requirements were for the logo design to be colorful, serene and appeal to vast audience. The logo achieves all of those with the palm leaves and a sunset...just what you'd expect from living in beautiful, sunny south Florida.
What it is:

New Business Logo Designs ($275-$450)

Who it’s for:Pack & Post Plus
Why we did it:Starting a business requires a strong, trustworthy image. This small business plans to compete with other pack & shipping stores and we believe you can tell, just by glancing at our logo design, that they mean business and can be trusted with any precious shipment. Notice how many concepts we initially provided them to ensure exploration of every idea.
Who it’s for:Star Group
Why we did it:Great name for a company cafe...'Fuel.' This logo was created for the ad agency's in-house eating area where employees can down their lunch or 'fuel up' during the day. The corporate ID features a fuel nozzle and the company's trademark star intertwined in a fork.
Other items:Web Development
What it is:

Small Business | Corporate Logo Designs

Who it’s for:American Rig Welders
Why we did it:We design business logos that are creative and effective. The logo design of this company was to attract talented welding job seekers to find the best welding jobs. It needed to be tough, professional, strong & patriotic. Logos speak volumes about your business and image, so choose your designer wisely.
Who it’s for:Spa & Aesthetics Distribution
Why we did it:Design for a product distribution business of high-end spa treatments working with nationally recognized h2t. Spa & Aesthetics produces DERModality. We created both logos and the web site. The clean, elegant and professional logos gives them a leg up on their competition.
Other items:Web Design
What it is:

Eco-Friendly Logo Design Green Team

Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:Logo designs pertaining to environmental protection are becoming increasingly popular and important. More and more clients are asking for logos that represent their eagerness to work "green." We have many more samples if you are interested to see if your business can also capitalize from this worldwide movement.
Who it’s for:Goods for Guns
Why we did it:A non-profit movement in Philadelphia to help eradicate unnecessary handgun and gang violence. We created this logo design symbolizing the fingers making the 'bang' sign and the 'checkmark.' The gun control program offered money in exchange for weapons in hopes for a more peaceful community.

Las Vegas Business Logo Design

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Who it’s for:Legends Family Fun Center
Why we did it:This yet-to-be-built family park center in Las Vegas will feature batting cages, a fantastic miniature golf facility, an arcade, food court and much more. We've created their corporate identity logo and designed business cards and will be producing more collateral as the project develops.
Other items:Business Card Design (Corp ID)
Who it’s for:Pink Elephant Games
Why we did it:This fun logo was designed for a local Las Vegas start-up business. Their objective was to gather locals and provide fun activities like pub crawls, mixers and other social outings. The pink elephant was an illustration created by another company.
What it is:

Vegas Show Logo

Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:Sin City Bad Girls is a live rock & roll, mostly adult, exciting, high-energy, Vegas production being performed at the Las Vegas Hilton. We went through many different concepts and ideas for this as there are many different ways this can be showcased. In the end, the right logo design was chosen!
Who it’s for:Altrain
Why we did it:This corporate identity was designed for a local Las Vegas welding inspection company. They've been doing inspections locally for over 20 years and needed a fresh logo redesign that looked 'solid' and 'direct." The chosen logo is shown as well as the runner-up.
Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton
Why we did it:An exciting project for us was creating logos for this promo event called the "Ultimate Game Show $250,000." Hosted by Chuck Woolery himself, it was an interactive game show where the audience had the opportunity to win big bucks. Our favorite logo is shown along with the chosen logo and our design for the rack card which was ultimately printed/produced.
Who it’s for:Las Vegas Hilton Theater
Why we did it:Once the stomping grounds of Elvis and Barry Manilow, this historic Las Vegas showroom was in need of an update. We created a classy, contemporary logo but we managed to keep a sophisticated image by adding a gold contrasting color. Also shown are logo designs that didn't make the cut so you can see our process. Behind every logo, there are countless concepts that get filed away.
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